Having greater visibility into your supply chain means greater agility and, more importantly, control.

Popcodes (Proof of Provenance codes) are a crypto-serialization solution to track flow of goods on the SKU level.

A tokenized identifier on the blockchain, Popcodes provide bank-grade traceability to track physical value in the supply chain. Our patented Popcode technology is sophisticated in its ability to track sub-assemblies, parts and raw materials used to make a finished product so there are no gaps in visibility to an enterprise throughout the product life cycle. Using Popcodes, an enterprise can gain just-in-time data across the entire supply chain ecosystem, enabling optimal agility and planning.

That same visibility can be extended to the consumer. Your customers will be able to discover the entire history of a product just by scanning a Popcode on their mobile phone. They will also be able to more deeply engage with your brand through a token-based feedback loop, giving you the foundation for true one-to-one marketing.

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