Skuchain: Empower my supply chain | Zero Knowledge Collaboration
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Zero Knowledge Collaboration

Zero Knowledge Collaboration

Solve the information gap in the supply chain without sacrificing privacy so that companies can plan with unprecedented precision and turn firewalled information into capital.

We at Skuchain recognize that complete transparency in the blockchain has its drawbacks in the supply chain context. Enterprises are actually able to collaborate more effectively if they are able to work together knowing their data remains safe and confidential.

To that end, Skuchain has developed patented Zero Knowledge Collaboration® technology that implements sophisticated access controls directly on the blockchain ledger. What this means is that enterprises are able to plan and collaborate with one another as though they had full information about one another even when that sensitive information stays hidden. Once Zero Knowledge Collaboration has been implemented on a blockchain as part of our EC3 platform offering, algorithms can be applied to data on the distributed blockchain ledger without requiring that data be revealed to any party.

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