At Skuchain, we empower enterprise supply chains with blockchain to extract maximum value from the $19 trillion dollar market for global trade.

Skuchain empowers participants in a global value chain. In the same way the Internet gave birth to e-commerce, blockchain provides the foundation for collaborative commerce, in which enterprises are uniquely able to work together to unlock gains while also expanding their control across the supply chain. At Skuchain, we have built the tools to realize this vision.

The core value of enterprise blockchain is empowered collaboration. Our implementation takes the real world needs of buyers and their supply chains and provides fine-grained control in inventory procurement across all partners. We unlock information in the deep-tier, allowing decision makers an unprecedented level of control across the supply chain while ensuring the privacy of all sensitive information.

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React Native Engineer

We are seeking a talented React Native engineer to help in the design and development of our platform.

Product Architect / Tech Lead

We are seeking a talented Product Architect / Tech Lead to help in the design and development of our platform.

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Hyperledger is an open source platform for blockchain technology that is specifically optimized for enterprise. Skuchain’s Blockchain-edu aims to bring together thought leaders on blockchain from leading blockchain companies and academia to share our collective work and expertise on Hyperledger Fabric.

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