Skuchain is a Currency Agnostic Blockchain for Global Trade

Our Currency Agnostic Blockchain links procurement and contract management, financing arrangements, direct enterprise control of corporate payments and inventory tracking in a buildable manner.

The result is a Liquid Supply Chain, where data flows downstream in real time and early payments flow upstream in a risk-mitigated manner from new pools of capital.

Unlike its brittle and inefficient predecessors, a Liquid Supply Chain:

  • Establishes authenticity and financeability of a PO or Invoice via a digital asset like a DLPC without cumbersome point-to-point connections between individual enterprises and their financiers, or following the rigid flows of traditional bank products.
  • Provides cryptographic control over the sharing of individual data fields to every participant within an ecosystem.
  • Tracks raw material through its transformations to a finished good, with bank-grade accounting.

In the same way the Internet gave birth to e-commerce, blockchain provides the foundation for collaborative commerce, in which enterprises are uniquely able to work together to unlock gains while also expanding their control across the supply chain.

At Skuchain, we have built the tools to realize this vision. Our EC3 platform encourages seamless onboarding by focusing on the real world needs of buyers and their supply chains. The foundation of our platform is a CRP, or collaborative resource planning, system that allows participants to collaborate with one another as though they shared an ERP system, yet preserve the desired level of data privacy. This CRP system is the gateway to our comprehensive suite of supply chain management applications that are designed for maximum agility and scalability. With these tools, enterprises can exercise fine-grained control in production processes and inventory procurement across all partners. They can unlock information in the deep-tier and access ecosystem-wide financing and insurance opportunities. While growing these new supply chain capabilities, enterprises are also significantly cutting costs and introducing efficiencies at scale.

Founded in 2014 out of Silicon Valley, our team of serial entrepreneurs, supply chain experts, trade and international development veterans and world-class blockchain innovators and engineers have built a track record of delivering ambitious yet practical supply chain transformation.

In recognition of our industry leadership, we were named a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer for 2019.

We have deployed our solutions across the aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, mining and minerals, food and agriculture, financial services, insurance and commodities industries. Using EC3, our customers solve the following problems:

  • Visibility: The foundation of our platform is secure data sharing with field-level encryption. With this technology, we have given all customers the ability to gather data and track inventory across multiple supply chain tiers, enhancing control over production schedules and the origin and quality of raw materials.
  • Cash Flow: Scaling Inventory Control & Finance (ICF), marine and cargo insurance and credit insurance opportunities on the blockchain, we have given suppliers working capital relief and cash flow at the strongest cost of capital in the supply chain. Buyers in turn mitigate supplier risk, inject liquidity into their supply chain and lower the cost of goods.
  • Resilience: We have instituted strategic sourcing programs to mitigate the risk that a supply chain will not be able to procure components that are critical for a production process.
  • JIT Flexibility: Our Popcodes and Brackets smart contracts application technologies are integrated through the blockchain to coordinate inventory movement and supply chain transactions, preventing buildup of excess inventory in warehouses and on balance sheets.

For more information, send an email to us at info@skuchain.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Srinivasan Sriram

Founder & CEO

Ranga Krishnan

Blockchain Fellow

Rebecca Liao

Executive Vice President

Josh Moser

Executive Office