Reward those who count.


count points
count customer interactions
count resold products
count customer usage
count customer feedback
count inventory
count products
count parts
count volume
count raw materials

What are Countables for?

Countables is a mobile app that:

  • Uses Skuchain’s Popcodes (link to the Popcodes page) to collect individualized data for specific products or events
  • Provides the rails to reward a customer or supplier for offering that data

For suppliers:

  • Obtain product traceability
  • Reward suppliers for sharing product provenance and clean supply chain practices
  • Obtain raw material and production information to enable more accurate planning
  • Enable customer rewards and interaction with suppliers in the deep tier

For customers:

  • Innovative loyalty programs
  • Promotions
  • Customer feedback
  • Product provenance and increased brand & product transparency
  • Content delivery at the item-specific level
  • Turn warranties, returns and defects into brand engagement opportunities

The Skuchain App

Build a Countables app on the Skuchain app platform, without undertaking an app development effort of your own.

The Basic App

Step 1:

Users pick a workflow or brand program that they’re a member of

Step 2:

Suppliers receive payment for traceability data, and customers receive rewards for feedback and engagement.

Step 3:

Users convert any type of reward into another type. For example, they can convert one token into another or tokens into cash.

Step 4:

Buyers can pay multiple tiers of suppliers at one time based on a schedule of Popcodes and pricing for each Popcode. Suppliers and customers can view all payments against their Popcodes.

Write workflows or integrate Popcodes into an existing app

Product Provenance with a Consumer Electronics Company

Step 1:

Log information about parts assemblies or raw materials onto the blockchain.

Step 2:

Receive immediate payment for logging parts data from downstream suppliers.

Step 3:

Receive future rewards from downstream buyers for data based on quantity contributed to the part or product scanned.

Verify Product Quality with a Car Company

  • The customer receives rewards when they scan Popcodes in the vehicle and learn the provenance of those parts–what went into making it, where did it come from, which artisans touched it?
  • Loyalty points or tokens can be used as rewards.
  • The customer receives rewards for logging car maintenance events and returning to an official dealer for service.
  • The app alerts the customer when maintenance is due.
  • Rewards can be redeemed for premium customer service and warranties.
  • Customers can receive better pricing for trade-ins based on car history on the blockchain.

The Countables App with a CPG Company