EDIBUS is an application on top of Skuchain’s EC3 platform that enables secure data sharing with field-level encryption across the supply chain.

  • It allows enterprises to safely and securely publish EDI documents to a blockchain network.
  • Once published, subscribers with authorization to receive these documents will have access to them.
  • Smart contract triggers can be established to intelligently take actions on these EDI documents.
  • The EDIBUS is a store and forward mechanism, which allows publishers to grant access at a later time ie weeks or months after publication to relevant parties such as auditors, insurance companies or other financial institutions

EDIBUS at a Glance

Publish EDI documents to the EDIBUS with cryptographic security

Associate a blockchain controlled access control layer to each document

Attach smart contract to trigger events when specific conditions are met

Access Controls

Blockchain Network Identity

Each Blockchain network has its own ID management system.

  • Network admin role allows for provisioning users as needed.

LDAP/Active Directory Integration

Existing Users can be provisioned with an identity as needed

Role Based Access Control Setup

Organization Level

Each organization in a Blockchain network can set up its own Organization roles

  • Network admin role allows for provisioning users as needed

User roles

  • Users can have multiple roles.
  • Existing User Roles can be auto-provisioned

Custom Dashboard & Report Developer

Graph DB index / Custom Report Developer

Data is indexed in a graph DB and a custom report development API is made available

Workflow Authoring with Smart Contracts

Pre/Post chain processing

Smart contract triggers, pre and post chain processing hooks can be authored