Inventory Tracker


Having greater visibility into your supply chain means greater agility and, more importantly, control.

Skuchain’s Inventory Tracker is based on Popcodes (Proof of Provenance codes), a crypto-serialization solution to track flow of goods on the SKU level. A tokenized identifier on the blockchain, Popcodes provide bank-grade traceability to track physical value in the supply chain. Our patented Popcode technology is sophisticated in its ability to track the transformation of sub-assemblies, parts and raw materials used to make a finished product, so there are no gaps in visibility throughout the product life cycle.

Using the Inventory Tracker to surface data from Popcodes and assign them functionality in a workflow, enterprises can gain just-in-time data across the entire supply chain ecosystem, enabling optimal agility and planning.

What can the Inventory Tracker do?

Bank grade tracking of Inventory at SKU level with Proof Of Provenance CODES.

How can I view and customize inventory reports?

Obtain a bird’s eye view of the supply chain with Popcode Explorer.

The basic Popcode Explorer offers the following information:

  1. All Popcodes in a supply chain.
  2. All data associated with individual Popcodes. Examples of such data include part numbers, date/time stamp, personnel who logged the information, owner of the item and monetary value.
  3. Traceability across all transformations and transfers of value between Popcodes, which tracks the entire production process.

Popcode Explorer can be further customized to show specific inventory metrics of interest in a supply chain.

Inventory Tracker Application Modules

Examples of applications and modules based on the Inventory Tracker include:

  • Event Broadcaster: Securely “tweet” information across supply chain partners.
  • Shipment Broadcaster: Track goods across logistics operations.
  • 3TG Tracker: Obtain full traceability of conflict minerals.
  • Program Buying: Track the procurement and use of raw materials that are covered by a Program Buying initiative.
  • Countables: Have customers “count” the times and ways they engage with you for valuable feedback and brand engagement.In addition, the Inventory Tracker and the Transaction Manager applications have been integrated through the blockchain to create a one-to-one association of inventory with its specific supply chain transaction. This integration opens the possibility for fine-grained inventory procurement and control, automated payments and blockchain-based financing and insurance.
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